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What to Wear:

It's best to keep outfits simple, avoid busy patterns, big logos, or white. Bright Solids always show up best. Outfit changes should vary, some light clothing and some dark. Simple outfits should be accessorized with jewelry, scarves, watches, etc. For photo shoots with more than one person, (maternity, couples, friends, engagement), outfits should correspond in color but not match exactly. I will answer any clothing questions and help pick out outfits.

What to Bring:

Your outfit changes, hairbrush, face powder to combat a shiny face, lipstick any sports equipment and balls, uniforms instruments, class ring or props you would like to use in your photos, payment, and someone that can make you laugh.

When will I receive my photos?

After your photo shoot, your pictures will be edited and ready within 2-3 weeks. Then they will be put on an online gallery for you to view. The prints and full resolution photos can be purchased.

Any additional charges for me to receive my photos?

The cost of your session includes photo shoot time, locations, outfit changes, props, and digital photos (web size quality). Prints are ordered separately with the option to purchase your photos in full resolution so you can print your own photos.

Where will the photos be taken?

I do most photo shoots at outdoor locations in the Raymond/Clinton area. I can come to you if you have another location in mind. There may be a small traveling fee for locations farther than this.


Prints are ordered after your photo shoot once the pictures have been edited they will listed on my website in your own gallery for up to 2 weeks for you to view .